Worth Reading: Mr. and Mrs. Jesus Christ

Fox News Screen Shot

OMG! What are we to do now?

The media loves a great headline.

Before demonizing them think about your own Facebook status updates – ever spend a few minutes tweaking your latest post to ensure that it’ll get everyone’s attention?  This guy?  Guilty as charged.

So, before everyone goes crazy about Jesus’ wife, and the meaning of “disciple” in Coptic, and the difference between what Jesus said and what Church communities were going through let’s all take a deep breath.


 “Is you okay?  Is you? Good, cause I wanted to know.” 

Before you rush out to buy the happy new couple some of those nifty monogramed bath towels, check out Fr. James Martin’ s piece in the NYTimes.

Ohandbytheway – what would you give the son of God as a wedding gift?  Tweet us your ideas @TheJesuitPost #JesusWedGift


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