The Golden Iggy Awards

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The coveted golden Iggy

Alrightalrightalright, so even HuffPo is expressing some doubt about whether the Mrs. Jesus papyrus fragment is authentic.  Never the less (!) gifts have been registered for and presents have been bought.  We can’t just let a little thing like “truth” derail the (wedding) party.

Last week we asked our readers to tweet us hypothetical wedding gifts for Mr. & Mrs. Jesus Christ.  Joking about religion can be dangerous work, but thanks to our readers responses, it was totally worth it.  We had a blast reading the responses and our social media editor had to coin the hashtag #NotHeretics to help clarify that we were just poking fun at the news story.  We even received a call for the head of our editor on a silver platter.  Seriously… a silver platter?  What is this 30 A.D.?  Come on people, we’re just joking!

We spent hours narrowing down the suggestions, and in the end we had to divide them into 3 categories.  Just like the Emmy’s, let’s go nominees first, winners to follow.

In the category of Best Scripturally Based Gift, the nominees are,

  1. @mheschmeyer with: “Every carpenter needs a spirit level.” 
  2. @Grandpa_R with:  “A bottle of the finest Cana wine , bottled ca. 24 AD.”
  3. @tophsprofs with: “6 stone jars filled with water.”

In the category of Most Clever Gift, the nominees are,

  1. @ReformedCam with: “Unbreakable wine glasses.”
  2. @ProfBanks with: “A breadbox and a fish drying rack.”
  3. @JamesMartinSJ with: “Dinner for two at the Capernaum Mariott.”

In the category of Most Insightful Gift, the nominees are,

  1. @jay9mac with: “China. Thirteen table seetings.”
  2. @AbelUndercity with: “His & hers flip flops (in case He continues to insist on walking instead of taking the boat).”
  3. @msmaryb with: “They’ll have that one clueless great-aunt who will crochet them matching flotation vests.”


Before we get to the winners in each category, TJP has the honor of awarding a very special Golden Iggy for the Most Ridiculous (And Accurate) Use of Canon Law

@StuartGardner6 with “A belated present, a decree of nullity under canon 1087... Jesus was a priest.”

And now, on to the winners. Drum roll please…

The Golden Iggy for Best Scripturally Based Gift goes to…

Every carpenter needs a spirit level

The Golden Iggy for Most Clever Gift goes to…

Breadbox and a fish drying rack And…

The Golden Iggy for Most Insightful Gift goes to… His and Her flip-flops

Thanks to everyone who participated.  We hope to have more fun in the future, so keep in touch.



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