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An Ordination

There may be some truth to the rumors that TJP hasn’t exactly shied away from some bait & switch headlines (c’mon Sam, nobody actually thought they could pass for a computer), but this time I promise an honest title for a rare Saturday morning piece.

So here’s the titular request: please, if you have a spare moment, say a prayer begging God’s blessing on two of our TJP brothers, Jay Hooks and Paul Lickteig, as they are ordained priests today.  Jay, you may remember, has been doing some of our TJP podcasts (he recently interviewed the great playwright Stephen Adley Guirgis), while Paul’s most recent essay was the lovely and insightful “A Plea Against Polemics“.

If I may be so bold as to say it, both are excellent men.  We here at TJP are proud to call them brother Jesuits, and grateful for them as they are ordained priests today.

We continue to be grateful for all of you out there in the loose TJP community scattered around the interwebs as well.

Have a good one.

Paddy Gilger, SJ
Editor in Chief


Paddy Gilger, SJ

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