‘L’ Stations of the Cross

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L Station signs by Aidan Gillespie
L Station signs by Aidan Gillespie

The Chicago 'L'

Doors closing. Please stand clear of the closing doors.
Next stop, Jesus falls for the 1st time.  Doors open on the left.
Mind the Gap!

We love mashups here at TJP.  This latest mashup involves a former co-worker of mine who spent his day riding the the entire ‘L’ system in Chicago. That’s 143 stops and 17 hours! And you thought your commute was rough.

Aidan combined his love of public transit, Chicago, podcasts and a desire to reflect on the events leading up to Easter.  The result is the ‘L’ Stations of the Cross.  Armed with a smartphone and access to Pray-As-You-Go, Aidan turns the traditional Stations of the Cross devotion into a 21st-century pilgrimage that follows the footsteps of Jesus through the trains of Chicago.

Links from the Podcast

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