Week in Review — Feb. 27 – Mar. 3, 2012

TJP may have only been around for a a little more than a month — but we’re already managing to run sequels (Jeff Johnson’s Words, Words, Words – Part II, taking another look at the language of the new translation of the Mass) and even trilogies (Joe Simmons’s Sarcasm Part 3: On Etymology and Jesuit Romanticism — yes, we know we said “etymology”; go take a look anyway).

Which will be the next TJP piece to hit it big and get a second chance? What will be the first headline to make it to Part 4? Will we run prequels? (We promise they’d be better than the Star Wars versions.) The only way to know is to keep checking out the… Week in Review. Other highlights from this week include:

And we’re only one-sixth of the way through Lent! Imagine what we’ve got lined up for this week. Whatever it is — Part 4, or something more — you’ll find it on our pages, and covered, as always, on Week in Review.


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