The Supreme (Court) Issue: Health Care Redux

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Supreme Court IMG_1062 Flikr Image by OZinOH

Site of this week's battles

All eyes have been on the Supreme Court this week because Obamacare is on trial.  After three days of hearings many Republicans are predicting that the individual mandate is a dead man walking.  And it doesn’t seem like Susan Sarandon will make a very convincing Don Verrilli.

We here at TJP wanted to highlight our own Michael Rozier, SJ’s explanation from earlier this year about why this unpopular part of health reform was necessary to keep it all together. Basically, Rozier explains that we don’t have many options if we want to make sure sick people get the kind of care they need.  It’s a claim supported by a whole lot of other smart people as well.

We all have to wait until June to find out the fate of the law.  Until then, while there’s plenty of coverage of the legal issues, there’s not as much that goes beyond politics, law, and economics to the moral issues at the heart of this dilemma. If you see something — other than Rozier’s piece — that manages to add more light than heat, let us know about it in the comments.

Regardless of the outcome, you can bet this isn’t the last we’ll hear of it — nor the last time it’ll be on the pages of TJP.


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