Does God hear Tebow’s cries? The play-by-play by Jim Martin.

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James Martin - The Tebow Effect

What’s that, no more Tebow you say?  Are those tears in your eyes?

Well, pssh, I say.  There’s no crying on the internet.

And I also say, how can you have too much of that which composes everything?  That would be like having too much cheese or Bernie Brewer.  And didn’t NASA recently discover that quarks are composed of really tiny Tebows?

Anyway, if you actually are fed up with Tebow maybe it’s because you’ve already read this piece on Tebow by our brother and colleague Jim Martin.  It does an excellent job breaking down whether or not God is listening to Tebow’s many prayers.

If videos are more to your taste this morning than reading is, or if you just like multi-sensory input, you can watch it on the America Magazine YouTube channel here:

James Martin – The Tebow Effect

Also, the editorial staff would like to give Jim a public word of thanks for his support and unreserved TJP evangelism yesterday during our launch. He even managed to remind yours truly that yesterday was the feast of St. Francis De Sales, patron saint of Catholic writers… maybe something good will come of this yet.


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