Sometimes I Sit Inside the Fog of My Prayer

Published Mar 3, 2021 in Blogs, Lent, Spirituality ~ Approx 3 mins

The morning is gentle. I’ve come at the perfect time to sit and pray near the old living room windows. The sign of the cross, coffee on the window sill, closed eyes. I’m opaque inside today. I pray about yesterday. And sometimes my prayer isn’t always clear.

The Potter and the Bowl: In Whose Hands Do We Find Ourselves?

Published Feb 24, 2021 in Blogs, Lent, Spirituality ~ Approx 3 mins

I’ve been throwing pottery for over a year now. For a while, I had the technique down, or at least down enough to center the clay and build from there. But lately, I have had the worst time centering the clay. As I sit with my struggles to center the clay, my mind wanders to the world around me: does anything feel centered these days?

First Day Out of Prison: A Modern-Day Parable on Coming Out of the Pandemic and Into Lent

Published Feb 17, 2021 in Blogs, Lent, Spirituality ~ Approx 4 mins

“This whole year has felt like a Lenten penance in the desert, so I’m not thinking about what to give up. Instead, I enter this season replaying images of that day with Javier.” Christopher Alt, SJ, recounts the story of his friend’s first day out of prison and considers what lessons it has for us as we see promises of the end of the pandemic and move into Lent.

Rend My Heart, O’God, the Opportunity of an Open Door

Published Feb 10, 2021 in Blogs, Spirituality ~ Approx 4 mins

The prophet Joel extolls the people of God to rend their hearts and not their garments to be touched and broken and changed at a deeper level than what is visible, a profound, inner conversion, one of the heart. And God will find us in the most beautiful ways. All we have to do is open the door. Find out what happens when I open a door and start seeing Christ on the other side.

Jesus Found Me off-Broadway in Row K

Published Feb 3, 2021 in Blogs, Spirituality ~ Approx 4 mins

I love musicals. I love watching them, discussing them, debating about them, criticizing them, comparing them. I work out listening to soundtracks from esoteric musicals from the 1960s. I appeared in musicals every year from when I was 5 to 22, and wrote a musical in lieu of a philosophy final. God can find us wherever we are, and God found me right where I love to be: in a theatre.

Sometimes I Pray for the Grace of Being Less Productive

Published Jan 27, 2021 in Blogs, Spirituality ~ Approx 3 mins

For the first time during my break, I was able to concentrate on something. I began sketching a chubby leg, two hands hovering above a halo. This was the infant Jesus that would become the object of my prayer over the Christmas season. What I created also became my prayer, a prayer to be less active and more present.

I Am a Mere Disciple and This Is How I Know

Published Jan 13, 2021 in Blogs, Spirituality ~ Approx 1min

What is discipleship? What is mere discipleship? The opening line of my newest poem, “Mere Discipleship,” says that “mere discipleship sheds easy excuses, burns hot and bright,” and that line is just the beginning of unpacking a process of following Christ. Are you a disciple? Are you a mere disciple? How do you know? Pray with me in today’s reflection and discover how I uncover that I am a mere disciple.