An Overview of Fratelli Tutti

  Oct 5, 2020  Creation, Current Events, Economics, Faith & Politics, Global Catholicism, Immigration, In the News, Papal News, Pope Francis ~ Approx 6 mins

On Sunday, Pope Francis released the third encyclical of his papacy entitled “Fratelli Tutti,” on fraternity and social friendship. An encyclical is one of the highest ranking documents from a Pope. In this lengthy letter, he offers critiques of populism, neoliberalism, and militarized borders. He restates a rejection of the death penalty. He calls on all people to recognize and live out our common fraternity. Read this article for a complete overview.

Solidarity Across Borders: Can You Help A Community In Need?

  Jul 7, 2020  Current Events, Economics, Global Catholicism, Immigration, In the News ~ Approx 3 mins

The socioeconomic and political crisis has caused millions of Venezuelans to flee their homeland. Now those migrants are suffering even more acutely amid the coronavirus pandemic. Hear about how the Jesuits in Colombia are responding to this crisis, and learn about how you can get involved.