An Updated Resource: the TJP Curriculum Guide

Published Sep 8, 2020 in About TJP, Current Events, Pop Culture, Series, Spirituality ~ Approx 1min

TJP has an updated resource to share! Last Spring, we debuted the TJP Curriculum Guide. This guide includes articles and videos published by TJP, organized into twenty different themes, with hyperlinks to the content. This can be useful in classrooms, for retreats, for faculty formation, or however else you might find helpful. Check out the list of themes and download the updated TJP Curriculum Guide.

Bon Iver’s “Faith” Wants You to Lose Yours

Published Oct 18, 2019 in Music, Pop Culture ~ Approx 3 mins

So many people are convinced that they create the meaning of their lives and that any faith or tradition handed down to them can and should be abandoned. Bon Iver’s new song “Faith” is an ode to this idea. St. Anselm helps clarify why that view is wrong.

Catholic 101: Intro to the “Liturgy of the Hours”

Published Jul 18, 2019 in Catholic 101, Spirituality ~ Approx 5 mins

What do you know about the Liturgy of the Hours? Never heard of it? Too tired or busy to give it a try? Or just not interested? The latest addition to our Catholic 101 series gives a basic introduction to the Liturgy of the Hours, the daily public prayer of the Church. It’s a prayer for the whole Church, and it might be the perfect prayer for you!