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Preparations for World Youth Day and MAGIS have begun and The Jesuit Post wants to see how you interpret the word “magis.” So it’s a photo contest, right? You just take your camera, take aim, and then BANG! You could win up to $100.

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The 3 finalists have been added to The Jesuit Post Pinterest Page.  Thanks to everyone who submitted photos.  We had a hard time choosing just three finalists.  Now is your chance to vote. We’ve extended voting until Nov 19th, so tell your friends and head over to Pinterest to vote for your favorite.

1) Click the “like” button on the photo or video of your choice.

2) If you are not already logged in to Pinterest you will be taken to a login page.  You DO NOT need a Pinterest account to vote. You can log in and vote with a Facebook or Twitter account.

3) Hover over the image and click the Pinterest ”like” button.   Facebook likes won’t count in the voting. Sharing  and liking the pins on Facebook is great and we’re glad you do it, but Facebook won’t allow us to use Facebook likes as a voting mechanism. Only Pinterest likes will count as votes.

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In Latin magis literally translates as “more” — but the Jesuit concept of “magis” doesn’t mean simply adding more work or more tasks. Instead, it drives right to the heart of who we are and what we will become.  This summer, hundreds of students from Jesuit institutions around the world will gather in Brazil prior to World Youth Day. This international Ignatian experience is called Magis 2013.

Ignatius’s own life was a pilgrimage towards magis, towards the ever greater Glory of God, towards the ever faithful service to the poor, the most universal good.

Thus, a person who lives magis and let him/herself be driven forward by it is someone who is never satisfied with the existing reality, because s/he feels an impulse to discover, to redefine, to achieve magis. The one who desires to find magis must search, discover, take risks for overcoming what is already known, defined, expected; always in view of the greater good, the greater love.

Contest Rules and Terms

Snap a photo that helps explore the concept and meaning of the term magis.  You can include a short explanation of up to 140 characters.  Anyone with a camera and the internet can participate.  A panel of judges will choose 3 finalists based on artistic merit and connection to the magis theme.  We suggest you do your homework, learn a bit about Magis and check out the Magis 2013 website.

First place will receive a $100 prize, Second $75 and Third $50.

Submissions must be received by midnight on November 11.  Online voting  will occur between November 14-18.  Winners will be announced on Nov 21.

Please read the full terms and conditions before submitting a photo.

How to submit your photo:

Email your submission and a 140 character explanation to [email protected]

Tweet your photo and explanation to @IggyGram.

We’ll be displaying your photos on TJP and on our Facebook page.