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An Argentian priest, upon discovering I am born of Polish and Lebanese parents, said, "How unfortunate. You're stubborn and passionate about it." That's pretty much it. I'm the kind of Jesuit who thinks driving Uber would make a good ministry, and maybe takes it a little too seriously when Jesus says "Be as wise as serpents." Originally from Chicago, I joined the Jesuits in 2018 and have always enjoyed that awkward tension in conversations about religion and politics.

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Joe Rogan vs the New York Times

Joe Rogan vs the New York Times

Corporate media’s traditional forms of distributing information are not keeping up with means and content that the next generation of media consumers are seeking, especially long-form interviews that podcasts make use of. The New York Times commentary on the phenomenon of Joe Rogan’s podcast success, published July 4th, 2021, takes a defensive position and admits a self-realization that their traditional form and control over information is not a model that is drawing new consumers.