TJPodcast: Binge Eating On Stories

by | Sep 18, 2013 | TJPodcast

"red riding hood" by Anya Sergeeva, at Flickr Creative Commons

“red riding hood” by Anya Sergeeva via Flickr

So I told a friend that I was trying to get caught up on the Game of Thrones TV series right now, and that I was in the middle of season two.  He bit his knuckle fighting back the intense urge to give away what happens in the following season.  After a series of, “Dude, dude… dude,” he walked away exclaiming, “I can’t say it.”  OK, thank you.  Now I want to watch the rest of the episodes tonight.

Game of Thrones aside, who doesn’t love a good story?  What makes stories so addictive, and is it possible to overdose on them?  We’d love to hear your two cents on it.


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