Week in Review — May 7-13, 2012

by | May 14, 2012 | Week in Review

Let’s not pretend, we’re sure it’s evident that we’ve been feeling the effects of the finals virus (it comes around twice a year and afflicts Jesuit students and teachers with terrible cases of busy-ness) here at TJP.  And we could not be more grateful for your patience as we press on through.

Even the craziest craziness didn’t find us totally out of the loop, however.  We even had Tim O’Brien continuing to seek out the limits of our loose online connections, with his “Lonely Hearts Club,” and Sam Sawyer posing the question of whether God could write straight even with the crooked line of a failing economy.

And then there was sport.  From Matt Spotts turning to the spiritual lessons to be drawn from being a fickle fan of soccer giant Arsenal, to our unceasing pitter patter about whether the NBA playoffs or NCAA’s March Madness is better (it took us not one, not two, but three pieces?!), TJP had the sports world on lockdown last week.

We would be remiss not to mention budding YouTube sensation Michael Rossmann as well.  The effects of Carly Rae fandom are undeniable.

Always grateful, we hope you found something that brought you life last week.  We’ll be back in full swing as soon as you can convince our professors to excerpt us from finals.


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