Voting With Money

The Price of Free Speech

God, Religion and Other Drugs

My Opium Addiction: God, Religion, and Other Drugs

Fr. Franz van der Lugt, SJ celebrates his 50th Jubilee as a Jesuit

A Man of Peace: Fr. Frans van der Lugt, SJ

Photo by US Army via Flickr.

Wrestling with Humility

Confession with a priest

An Online Confession?

Basketball Brocreative 173318291

It’s March Madness; and I’m a Loser

Did St. Francis share kinship with all of Creation or just the cute critters
MoHotta18 / Flickr Creative Commons

Kinship with Critters and Cretins

Fred Phelps, courtesy Wikimedia user Nicke L.

Loving Your Enemies: Finding Mercy for Fred Phelps

Urban Biking

The Urban Crossroads

Fr. James Martin, SJ near the Sea of Galilee

The Rest of the Story: On the Road with James Martin, SJ