All Things Linked

On the web, there's a link for everything — and God can be found in all things.

Here's what the web looks like — blogs, audio, video, all of it — through some Jesuits' eyes.
Sometimes we'll find an obvious link to God; sometimes we'll just link something cool.
Either way, we try to show you how it's all linked together, ad majorem Dei gloriam.

TFD | Flickr User Pete Bellis | Flickr Creative Commons

“Hey Bruh, Check Out My Dad Bod!”

Jesus really likes you.

Repetition, Repetition, Repetition

Sabado Gigante logo

Adios Sábado Gigante: ¡Fuera, Fuera!

Giraffe! | Flickr User Daniel Ramirez | Flickr Creative Commons

Becoming a Giraffe

No relation to author...

Finding God in Summer Blockbusters

Earthquake Aftermath, Nepal

The Fault: Natural Disaster, Poverty, and Violence

Resting Runner, Homeless Man, or Addict? | Flickr user Zeldman | Flickr Creative Commons

Worth Reading: Johann Hari

Milwaukee Art Museum - OCD | Flickr User Brian Koprowski | Flickr Creative Commons

A Relationship With Art

God is Love image courtesy Flickr user Nathan Rupert

This I Believe: Created in God’s Image

Having a Ball | Flickr User Nazareth College | Flickr Creative Commons

Unsolicited Advice for College Seniors