All Things Linked

On the web, there's a link for everything — and God can be found in all things.

Here's what the web looks like — blogs, audio, video, all of it — through some Jesuits' eyes.
Sometimes we'll find an obvious link to God; sometimes we'll just link something cool.
Either way, we try to show you how it's all linked together, ad majorem Dei gloriam.

Egg McMuffin | Flickr User Adam Kuban | Flickr Creative Commons

Yo Quiero Real Happiness

Jane Goodall
by Attila JANDI /

Worth Reading: On Jane Goodall and the Environment

Alex and friends out for a walk, compliments of author

Worth Trying: Go for a Walk

La prisión, by SantiMB.Photos, courtesy Flickr Creative Commons

Outsourcing Rights

Richard III Car Park Sign via Blogswallop on Facebook

Long Live the King! – UPDATED

onions | Flickr User Erich Ferdinand | Flickr Creative Commons

You Have To Read This Article About Social Media And Clickhole!!!

Sit There | Flickr User Mance | Flickr Creative Commons

Who Are You Listening To?

Homeless, courtesy Flickr user Osvaldo Gago

San Fran Sprinkler Scandal

Crowded | Flickr User Christian | Flickr Creative Commons

Worth Seeing: Humans of New York


How Well Do You Know St. Patrick? [QUIZ]