All Things Linked

On the web, there's a link for everything — and God can be found in all things.

Here's what the web looks like — blogs, audio, video, all of it — through some Jesuits' eyes.
Sometimes we'll find an obvious link to God; sometimes we'll just link something cool.
Either way, we try to show you how it's all linked together, ad majorem Dei gloriam.

Life Lessons from Parks and Rec

Napping in Public

Happy Public Sleeping Day!

New Arrivals October 2012: 5 Steps to a 5 AP US History 2012-2013 and Princeton Review AP US History 2013 | Flickr user The Unquiet Library | Flickr Creative Commons

Truthiness and U.S. History

SNL | Flickr User Rex Sorgatz | Flickr Creative Commons

SNL At 40

Jimmy Fallon | Flickr User matiastideida | Flickr Creative Commons

Funny How?

Brian Williams in caricature

Playing the Fool on the Evening News

3D Tin Can Phones | Flickr User Chris Potter | Flickr Creative Commons

Too Much Telephone


Religion as an Interactive Game

Creamery ice cream flavors | Flickr User Penn State | Flickr Creative Commons

Ice Cream For Breakfast?

This White House Picture shows the front of the White House | U.S. Embassy, Jakarta

Five Politicians to Keep An Eye On